10:00 am |Cinema Astra - Turquoise Room | Modena Matinee for schools by Bill Plympton The tale of a mythical cowboy and his appearance in the corrupt town of Sourdough Creek, in a world reminiscent of the 1940s. With the help of his slide guitar and a giant Hellbug, he must battle the evil mayor and his selfish twin brother to clean up the city. Most of the action takes place in the Luckybuck Saloon, the twins' brothel, where the cowboy “Slide” performs with a three-member band. Delilah, one of the "Happy Time" girls, falls in love with Slide and wants to leave her profession to become a singing star. To make the situation even more bizarre, a Hollywood film company arrives on site to shoot a romantic adventure film, but they need a beautiful lake as a location. And this is where the twins Jeb and Zeke will come into action. They are forced to build a dam in a week and this hasty plan will lead from a clumsy attempt at engineering to a surprising culmination of horror, courage and revenge.

The Unites States of America (USA) - 2023