15-19 November in Bologna, 24-26 November in Modena: dates and announcements for the 23rd edition of the Future Film Festival

5 July 2023

The future starts today: we are looking for utopias and dystopias, virtual worlds, alternative realities and parallel universes where imagination runs wild: the international call for proposals of the 23rd Future Film Festival is now officially open!

Inu-Oh and Steakhouse win the 22nd Future Film Festival, to The Island and Letter To A Pig the Bper Green Future Prize

25 September 2022

The jury consisting of El Pais journalist Rocio Ayuso, active member of the HFPA and member of the production team of the Golden Globes, Emiliano Fasano, journalist, General Secretary of ASIFA Italia and Lorenzo Balbi, director of MAMbo, awards the winners of the 22nd edition of the Future Film Festival. The Bper Green Future Prize is awarded by Davide Daniza Celli.