FFF and sustainability

14 September 2023

FFF e sostenibilità


Future Film Festival in 2023 is a partner of Gruppo Hera and Eco Events, the company that certifies the environmental impact of Italian film festivals.

Future Film Festival is experimentation, innovation, cutting-edge technology and protection.

The protection of the environment that hosts us has gone from a moral imperative to an unavoidable necessity, which is why we have undertaken a path that adopts sustainable strategies and solutions with a view to “doing more and better with less”,

There are many areas in which we can intervene, our choices are important and determine our way of seeing but above all the final result. We would like this commitment to be shared by the entire festival community because only together will we be able to achieve our goals.

The Festival supports and promotes the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN agenda which indicate the global priorities to be achieved by the year 2030 and define an integrated action plan for people, the planet, prosperity and peace.

The Festival will take place in DUMBO, a place that embodies the concept of reuse. In fact, DumBO is a large temporary reuse project, in close relationship with the territory; which is becoming a new, enormous district dedicated to culture, art, social innovation, work, music and sport.

A post-industrial place born from what was the former Ravone railway yard. Certainly a place that still has many steps to take to make the conversion of 6 buildings with a total area of ​​over 18 thousand square meters and 20 thousand uncovered square meters sustainable, but whose initiatives are increasingly opening up towards sustainable projects.

All the Festival staff is involved in a collective effort to minimize consumption and make informed purchases. In our small way we are concretely committed to these 4 actions:

1 Waste – Reuse – Recycle

reducing waste production, avoiding disposable items and promoting the use of reusable cups
Practicing and quantifying separate waste collection at the event venue
using mixed reality technologies (QrCode) for the promotion of the Festival in order to reduce paper consumption;


2 Sustainable mobility

encouraging the use of public or shared transport to reach the Festival link locations
choosing hotels and B&Bs close to the Festival locations as accommodation for guests;


3 Awareness and dissemination

establishing a film award oriented towards the theme of environmental sustainability
raising awareness and training staff and collaborators through meetings with experts to strengthen the sense of belonging to the territory and the global community
developing a sense of citizenship and responsibility and spreading the culture of participation and care for the environment
Promoting a questionnaire to find out needs and critical issues and collect suggestions


4 Food&Beverage

promoting local products and businesses.
eliminating the distribution of cans and plastic water bottles
by setting up a point for the free supply of drinking water.


The organization undertakes to monitor the pursuit of the commitments listed above, as well as to disseminate this Environmental Policy in order to raise awareness and make its guests and participants responsible.

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