FFF and sustainability

14 September 2023

FFF and Sustainability


24Frame Future Film Fest has always been about experimentation and innovation.

The protection of the environment that hosts us, from being a moral imperative alone, has become a necessity that can no longer be postponed and for this reason we have undertaken a path that adopts sustainable strategies and solutions with a view to “less is more”.

The Festival supports and promotes the 17 sustainable development goals of the UN agenda which indicate the global priorities to be achieved by the year 2030 and define an integrated action plan for people, the planet, prosperity and peace.

The 24FFF takes part in the GREEN Festival project of AFIC, (Italian Association of Film Festivals) scrupulously following its guidelines to reduce the environmental impact and for some years has established the “Green Future”, an award dedicated to the cinematographic work most linked to sensitivity towards the future of the environment.

In 2023, two of the main sustainability partners were Eco Events, an organization that has always been committed to reducing the environmental impact of widely attended Italian events, and the Hera Group, also present in future editions.

This year too the Festival will take place in DUMBO, a place that embodies the concept of reuse. The district, in fact, is the result of a large urban regeneration project destined to increasingly become a point of reference for culture, art, social innovation, music and sport, in close relationship with the territory.

Right from the planning stage, all the Festival staff is involved in a collective effort to minimize consumption, eliminate waste, avoid accumulations of material and make purchases more aware.

This starting from the choices for the setup:

  • Gadgets and merchandising that can also be used for future editions
  • Reduction, separation of waste and signage of the different containers
  • Reduction in the use of plastic
  • Free water supply point
  • Reusable cups
  • Reduction of printed material and production of flyers and posters in recycled paper and with inks that are not harmful to the environment

up to involving actions related to mobility:

  • Promotion of communications to reach the location by bicycle and public transport.
  • Collaboration with accommodation facilities located a few km from the location, easily reachable by public transport.

In addition to environmental sustainability, 24FFF places the well-being of people and communities at the center through targeted actions:

  • Collaborations with local suppliers
    Employment of local professionals and aspiring professionals, aiming for a trans-generational staff
  • Work ethic: most of the collaborators come from the Festival organizing cooperative, Rete Doc, which for thirty years has brought together and protected entertainment professionals, guaranteeing them the ability to work in safety and in the legality of fair economic treatments
  • Promotion of gender equality in staff
  • Elimination of architectural barriers for access to the room for disabled people

There are many areas in which we can intervene, our choices are important and determine our way of seeing but above all the final result. We will continue to work so that this commitment is promoted and shared by the entire Festival community to together respect the environment, the community and the entire planet.

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