Wednesday 21 September 2022 Retrofuture Section SCAVENGERS by Joe Bennett and Charles Huettner (USA, 2016) 7' This recent short film takes the essential elements of a 1970s science fiction and combines them with an extremely bright and psychedelic visual world, honoring the graphics and design of those years. The spaceship of two scientists is about to create a space base on the planet Vesta Minor when it gets lost, and the crew falls into a world full of strange creatures. The scientists try, by means of strange maneuvers, to get elements and samples from the plants and animals of this unknown planet. The animation is extremely well done and respects the lines of the drawings without ever betraying the 'retro' aspect of the entire short film.   Followed by: Retrofuture Section DELTA SPACE MISSION by Calin Cazan, Mircea Toia, Victor Antonescu (Romania, 1984) 68' V.O. with Italian subtitles A copy restored in 4K in 2022 and previously unreleased in Italy. This Romanian psychological science-fiction thriller is also Romania's first animated feature film. It has been described by critics as a 'psychonautical poem', in terms of its narrative, visuals, and soundtrack. The creators themselves say that the film originated from a poem. Delta Space Mission is a philosophical adventure in space dealing with one of the most interesting questions concerning our present/future.

Wednesday 21 September 2022 - Cinema Lumiere – Sala Mastroianni, 6 pm