15 November 2023

How far away is the future? In our opinion, it’s very close.

We are
probably already in the midst of epochal changes and, as always, art helps us interpret and enter our present. Animated cinema opens its arms today like never before: from artificial intelligence to the cinema, from gaming to serials, from indie to the main stream, from short films to virtual and augmented reality.
The Future Film Festival in 2023 wants to account for every facet of this fascinating and complex world, without neglecting the scenarios that pertain to the present and future places where the contents are consumed.

In Bologna the location of the Festival changes: a large post-industrial container transformed into a Galaxy Express for the future.
Everyone is invited to come on board, to browse an overview of 80
international short films and 12 international feature films in
competition, AR VR content, series, special events and out-of-competition screenings, masterclasses, workshops and surprising meetings. Meetings that will also be in Modena, the second location of the Festival at Cinema Astra and Laboratorio Aperto: the two space stations of our Galaxy Express. The encounter with Swedish cinema, which in retaliation offers home-made films, with poor means and according to the rules given by Michel Gondry, starts from his iconic film Be Kind Rewind to explore the worlds of low-cost remakes. And the encounter with contemporary Portuguese animated cinema, which celebrates 100 years since the first Portuguese animated short.

A party, that of the Future Film Festival, which brings together intertwining real and virtual, digital and handmade, stop-motion and paperless animation, crochet threads and amigurumi together with AIdealWorld by Jose Hernandez.