Future Film Festival 2023 Contest Rules

1 March 2023

Before submitting your work, please read carefullythe following regulations:

– All work smust be from after September 2021.
– Works that are not in Italian must include Italian subtitles and have a dialogue list, unless understanding dialogues or voice-over are not necessary to understanding the work itself.
– By submitting your work to the Future Film Festival, you give us permission to screen your film during the Festival’s duration, at special events, spin-offs oron other related occasions. You also grant the Festival the right to archive and stream your work online on MyMovies. The Festival will send a contract for the selected authors/producers to sign.
– The organisation does not guarantee that all submitted films will be selected, but wepromise tolet you know whether you work has been chosen by Setember 30, 2023.
– Please send us at least two pictures of your work, a poster, and press material that can be used for promotional purposes (Hi-Resolution JPEG – size not exceeding 3MB).

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