Wednesday 21 September 2022 In competition by Yanakaya (Japan, 2021) 75' V.O. with Italian subtitles The film, set in an alternative Japan in the 1980s, made entirely by Yanakaya as director, screenwriter and producer with his laptop, tells the science fiction story of a Japan oppressed by a new drug: the Golden Monkey. This mysterious substance not only gives you boundless strength, but turns its victims into shadow monsters, the perfect meat for slaughter in war. In this film, the protagonist, Haya, hopes to put an end to this crisis. Bank clerk Haya, together with her friend Soji (a soldier with a dark past), want to save Japan and restore it to its former glory. What makes this film unique is its style: a 3D computer animation made entirely by the director, reminding us in many ways of the video games of the 1990s. Rough shapes and shading, and bright colours give the whole film an original and unique atmosphere.

Wednesday 21 September 2022 - Cinema Arlecchino, 9,30 pm

22 September 2022 - Cinema Arlecchino, 9,30 pm

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