Sunday 25 September 2022 by Ridley Scott (USA, Hong Kong, UK, 2007) 118' V.O. with Italian subtitles. RETROFUTURE Section The Future Film Festival celebrates the first Blade Runner, turning forty in 2022, in collaboration with Warner Bros Italia, by screening its "final cut" version, the one where Scott had total artistic freedom, created for the 25th anniversary of the film's release. Set in a rainy 2019 Los Angeles, the film is inspired by Philip K. Dick's The Android Hunter. A pure dystopian science fiction, Blade Runner: The Final Cut has a more melancholic ending than the first, as it tells the tale of a world where human-like replicants are being manufactured to be used as labour power on colonies outside Planet Earth. Replicants who escape or return to Earth illegally are destroyed by special agents called 'blade runners'. The plot revolves around a group of recently escaped androids and off-duty cop Rick Deckard, who accepts one last mission to hunt them down.  

Sunday 25 September 2022 - Cinema Lumiere – Sala Mastroianni, 10 pm

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