Sunday 25 September 2022 by David Cronenberg (Canada-Great Britain, 1999) 97' In Italian "David Cronenberg, The Inner Beauty". In collaboration with Cineteca Bologna. eXistenZ is the name of the new videogame created by the computer company Antenna. Conceived by programmer Allegra Geller, it is to be inaugured during an event open to the public. However, terrorists make an attempt on his life. To connect and immerse oneself in the game's virtual reality, a game pod (does the name ring a bell?) is needed, connected to the human body via a bio-port. Ted Pikul is the man hired to find out if the game has been damaged. He must therefore enter it. But what is reality? What is fiction? The levels blur. The sequence at the Chinese restaurant is magnificent. The 'special' dish holds unexpected surprises.

Sunday 25 September 2022 - Cineteca – Sala Mastroianni - 6 pm

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