O’Psy Town in Komplexscope

Every day from 21 to 25 September, Bologna Out of Competition film Should you keep your mobile phone turned on inside the cinema? Yes! No more kittens, and likes, and TikTok: let your smartphone become part of the screen in a magical cinematographic experience! A revolution has started, thanks to the Future Film Festival and Komplex, a live cinema group  creating ARventures in urban spaces since 2013. The cinema itself becomes the source, activating an interactive VR experience for the smartphones of those present. When? Find out by coming to the cinema every day day, at all hours! Before the film, a message will appear on your phone, leading to a video taking you on the discovery of a parallel world, through alleys of an invisible city full of signs to decipher and enigmatic beings. In this game, guided by a large QR code on the cinema screen, the spectator opens the door to a parallel world on his/her smartphone. As in all adventures, there is of course an Easter egg to be discovered. Credits Komplex is made of Mariano Equizzi (stories and design), Paolo Bigazzi Alderigi (music and sound design), and Luca Liggio (digital video). Voice: Paolo Maria Congi, from the acclaimed contemporary theatre company Versus (Rome) - www.komplex.city

Every day from 21 to 25 September, Bologna - Cinema Arlecchino, Cinema Lumière, Cinema Astra: at surprise

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