The Island

Friday 23 September 2022 and Saturday 24 September 2022 In competition by Anca Damian (Romania, France, Belgium, 2021) V.O. with Italian subtitles This animated musical is one of the must-see screenings of the Future Film Festival's 2022 programme. Of all filmmakers working with animation, Anca Damian from Romania is undoubtedly one of the most important artists, as she has already demonstrated it with her other films (Crulic - the Path of Beyond, The Magic Mountain, and Matona's Fantastic Tale). In The Island, she unleashes her immense conceptual, visual, musical, surrealist, ecological and humanistic imagination. Shipwrecked on his island, Robinson is desperately lonely, dreaming of the stereotypes of our contemporary Western world (from hypermarkets to culinary magazines). But then Friday comes along, also immersed in the saddest contemporary reality, surviving among the migrants sorted on the beach by soldiers separating the dead from the living. In this world, somewhere between a dream and a nightmare, our two protagonists discover their frailties. Robinson teaches Friday how to swim, but they come across the Siren and her temptations. Robinson then decides to search for Paradise, accompanied by other characters including his newfound mother. Crossing a desert, a radar forest, the Tower of Babel where war is a celebration, capture, great family secrets being revealed, escape through a ring of fire, camouflage, pyramid at sea and diving into the depths: Robinson's epic journey towards freedom reminds us of the odyssey of real-life migrants. Inspired by Gellu Naum's play “Insola” and offering an incredibly powerful visual variety, The Island is also a musical, punctuated by songs, litanies, repetitive loops and 'gypsy' music.  

Friday 23 September 2022 - Cinema Arlecchino 08,30 p.m.

Saturday 24 September 2022 - Cinema Lumiere – Sala Mastroianni, 6,15 pm

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