Can a cartoon become a research and analysis tool for the city? And the way in which the city is described can be up to you once a vehicle to trigger a transformation of urban space? Can the story of the city already be a transformation itself? The "La città animata" project which involved boys and girls from primary schools in the laboratory city of Settimo Torinese is an opportunity to reflect on the relationship between urban space and representation with experts, directors and critics of animation and comics. Coordinator Emiliano Fasano. Speeches by: Marino Guarnieri (director of Gatta Cenerentola, a film that re-invented Naples in an imaginative future), Andrea Pagliardi (scientific director of La città animata), Maria Zindato (school director IC Settimo I), Alessandra Atzori (animator Mira ), Matteo Gaspari (comics and new media expert for the Hamelin Association), Roberto Corbia (FIU architect).

Sabato 18 | ore 11:30

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