Discover the Future of Creativity through the use of Generative Artificial Intelligences! Join the Generative AI Workshop to enter the world of Syntography and Stable Diffusion through the Automatic 1111 interface. Are you ready to immerse yourself in creative innovation and discover the unlimited potential of Generative Artificial Intelligence? The Workshop is your gateway to a Universe of possibilities! What awaits you: Explore Generative A.I.: From basic concepts to advanced techniques, learn all about AI-powered creation. which is redefining the processes of image creation and manipulation. Stable Diffusion Demystified: Let's reveal the secrets of how Stable Diffusion works and the powerful supporting subnets like ControlNET! Learn! Learn! Learn!: Learn how to make your generative AI shine consistently through "Symptographic" composition techniques (the science of how to describe an image through text) Practice with the Teacher: Interactive exercises led by the teacher to immediately put into practice what you learn! Who is this workshop for: Digital artists looking for inspiration and new creative frontiers. Technology enthusiasts ready to explore the boundary between human and artificial intelligence. Curious eager to understand how Stable Diffusion can transform content creation. Limited Tickets! Reserve your seat now and get ready to unleash the potential of your creativity with Generative AI Don't miss the opportunity to turn your vision into reality! Teacher's LINK: Facebook - Instagram - ---------------------------- PLAN: Stable Diffusion Fundamentals (30 min): Algorithmic explanation of Stable Diffusion. Practical examples for deeper understanding. Tools and Techniques (1 hour): Presentation of the tools used in S.D. and the ControlNET subnet Practical demonstrations on the application of these techniques. Case Studies (30 min): Analysis of a practical case created by the Teacher. Discussion on the strategies adopted and lessons learned. Practical exercises (30 min): Interactive part where participants can put into practice what they have learned. Brief discussion of the results obtained. Questions and Answers (30 min): Session dedicated to questions from participants to provide in-depth answers on specific topics.

Mercoledì 15 | Ore 15:00/18:00 | Dumbo - Binario Centrale | Sala LAB

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