ABOUT THE COMPANY: We are a team of passionate creatives, digital artists and technicians experts who have been bringing the magic of visual effects to cinema, advertising, TV series and short films since 2001. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies we create spectacular worlds and turn extraordinary ideas into reality. EDI has worked over the years with the main Italian film and advertising directors and producers such as Gabriele Salvatores, Gabriele Muccino, Paolo Virzì, Stefano Sollima, Matteo Rovere, Gabriele Mainetti, to name a few. Today EDI is accredited with the Hollywood majors such as Disney America, Marvel, DC Comics, Warner and 20th Century Studios who have entrusted us with the creation of the visual effects of their blockbusters. He has also worked on numerous TV series produced by Sky, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Starz and Fox Networks.

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