ABOUT THE COMPANY: Vision: To be the point of reference for emerging technologies and their use by creating intelligent solutions for a more functional, digital and interconnected world. To deliver on this goal, we work closely with our partners, collaborators, customers and stakeholders. We create innovative solutions with passion and with particular attention paid to the next generations. We are enthusiastic and passionate connoisseurs and creators of worlds, real and virtual, in the sectors of industry 4.0, health and well-being, entertainment and e-learning and culture. Identity: We are highly experienced pioneers, storytellers, dream makers and creators of real, virtual and mixed worlds: we collaborate with entrepreneurs, organizations, institutions and brands to help them anticipate, in their respective reference markets, the evolution of technology and anticipate the needs of its users. We are dedicated to digital engagement as a solution for creating interactive digital experiences that act on the motivations of an organization's users, be they consumers, employees, students or patients. We believe in talent, creativity and culture: the tools with which we are passionate about solving the complex challenges that our Customers face.

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