The art of Bill Plympton

American indie artist and animator Bill Plympton presents the making of SLIDE, his latest hand-animated masterpiece. Bill Plympton, a multiple Oscar nominee, is one of the very rare animators who draws every frame of most of his animated films by hand and without anyone's help. His works often explore themes of violence and horror in a "cartoony way," taking such elements to levels of surreal exaggeration. Bill Plympton, famous for repeatedly turning down contracts with Disney to maintain his creative independence, is one of the world's greatest independent animators. The key to Plympton's success, according to him, is laughter. As he puts it, "There's nothing more exciting than waking up in the morning and drawing exactly what I want and not having anyone tell me I can't do it; and that freedom is worth more than a million dollars."

Venerdì 17 | Ore 18:00 | Dumbo - Binario Centrale | Sala MAGIC BOX

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