by Martin Rosen, UK, USA, Canada, 1978, 90'. Italian version The film recounts the dramatic adventures of a group of rabbits led by the wise and enterprising Hazel, who are forced to look for a new land to settle in after one of them, young Quintilio, has a vision of the destruction of their rabbit hutch located on Watership Hill in Hempshire. The film's style, bare and raw, echoes the artistic wishes of John Hubley, the first director who was later replaced when he died prematurely. The narrative is raw and at times violent, without pauses, relentless. Made on a shoestring budget, Watership Down is striking for its attention to detail, for the maniacal work on the characters and for its soundtrack, to which Art Garfunkel contributed with Bright Eyes. Entrance with ticket, pass and accreditation

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