Artists of Festival

Mumble Mumble by Alex Pinna

6 May 2022

The Future Film Festival was born under the sign of the Mouse!
The newly born FFF chooses as its first image a work by Alex Pinna: a mouse embryo, a creature in the process of becoming. We don’t know yet what it will turn into, but we assume our parental role. The ears, the gloves and the yellow shoes are unequivocally inherited from Mickey Mouse’s DNA. Mumble Mumble becomes the icon of an event – and a generation – whose identity is not yet defined but whose origins are certain: it all starts with the world of cartoons.

Alex Pinna’s works (1967, Imperia) created in the years ’94-’99 play around the re-elaboration of images and experiences from childhood, therefore are inextricably linked to cartoons. Alex Pinna has exhibited in important Italian galleries such as Guidi&Schoen in Genoa, Ronchini in Terni, Mimmo Scognamiglio in Naples, Ciocca in Milan and took part in group exhibitions in Rome, Lugano, Bologna, Turin, Grenoble and many other cities.

“We can affirm that the new is rooted in the old, and old cartoons will become the history of the upcoming future.”

Guido Bartorelli