Artists of Festival

Andrew Spradbery – Tentacles

6 May 2022

For its fifteenth edition, the Festival asked one of the world’s leading animation studios, Aardman Animations, to collaborate. Digging a little into the Festival’s history, we find the first Italian tribute dedicated to Nick Park, Peter Lord and David Sproxton’s British company during the first edition. Since then, the relationship between Bristol and Bologna has been increasingly intense and prolific, until last year Oscar-winner Peter Lord finally came to the Festival and became one of its Honours Board members. In 2013, Lord recruited a couple of Aardman artists to devise a mascot for Future Film Festival, thus giving birth to the puppet designed to express, in true “Aardman style”, the festival’s theme: monsters. It was Andy Spradbery who created the hand that holds a green creature, a plant looking alien, but not at all evil, that accompanied the spectators during the event all around Bologna. The process of conceiving and creating the symbol of the FFF every year is a dynamic process where the artists’ proposals are weighed up and discussed with the Festival’s staff. However, the common thread connecting all the works is clear to everyone no matter the diversity: playfulness, exaggeration, overturning “perspectives” always prevail. Superheroes, aliens, spaceships and monsters take a self-parodying turn and lead to unexpected connections with the worlds presented during the Future Film Festival.