Artists of Festival

Eleuro – Turbo Future

6 May 2022

In a space devoid of material context, far from the real world, in a virtual space more similar to human memory or artificial intelligence, pop icons of science fiction films, “godzilla-like” monsters, flying saucers, plasma guns, aeroplanes, robots reminding us of the 1960s’ tin toys are mixed together into graphic signs and forms closer to comics and animation than to cinema, as if featuring on the poster of an imaginary, but iconic disaster movie without story nor action.

Quotes from Carpenter’s film “They Live” become a homage to street art, creating a New York atmosphere. Letters that mingle to the setting, all trapped in the virtual space of this “baconian” memory.

The work reflects on how we imagined the future in the past, how we have stored it thanks to the seventh art, and what stereotypes we created of it in our minds, in an attempt to be free of our fear of the future awaiting us and to be able to see it in three dimensions.

Eleuro was born in Turin in 1983 and showed an interest in drawing at an early age. At the age of 13 he discovered graffiti and writing, and went through various stages in his training, taking an interest in comics, animation, illustration, commercial characters as well as more classic forms of figurative art.

His works open the door to “a psychedelic and virtual world of tremendous joy” in which the ultra-pop icons of the collective imagination are stored and mixed within a short-circuited memory. His favourite techniques range from large-scale graffiti to illustration.