23rd EDITION | BOLOGNA, ITALY NOVEMBER 15th-19th, 2023 | MODENA,ITALY NOVEMBER 24th-26th, 2023

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Get ready for the most incredible competition ever!

Join the Future Film Festival 2023 (Bologna, October 2023 - Modena, November 2023) with your work and win!

How to participate?

  • Find a VHS tape
  • Record your film on it at home with the help of your friends in sweded mode (with as little means as possibile, without audio or video post-production).
  • Here are 6 simple rules to follow:
    • Maximum duration: 2’
    • What you shoot must be the remake of another VHS scene that should be attached to your film. Send both to the following address: DOC SERVIZI c/o Officina - DUMBO, via Casarini 12 Bologna
    • The scenes should be shot with as little means as possible: use your inventiveness and imagination (i.e. replace a wig with a mop, a spaceship with a laundry bucket, an antique sword with a curtain rod, a motorbike helmet with a colander, etc).
    • Scenes must be edited with live sound (sound effects, music, dialogue).
    • No digital visual effects, or any other effects added in post-production are allowed.
    • Title and credits must be handwritten on a sheet of paper.
We will reward imagination, inventiveness and originality in how you adapted the chosen film to sweded mode.

You will find the inscription form, info on the incredible prizes, and the rules online from 1 March 2023!


For more information: info@futurefilmfestival.it