Artists of Festival

Argilla di Stella by Pablo Echaurren

6 May 2022

What has a terracotta star got to do with most innovative technologies and, hence, with Future Film Festival?
Does it seems to you it has nothing to do with it?

On the contrary: Argilla di Stella by Pablo Echaurren was sculpture symbol of FFF2002 because, as the author says: “baked clay and terracotta only seem to be the most fragile, perishable, materials, least suitable to represent the idea of future. On the contrary, terracotta is a material that you can carry into the future: there are civilizations we know about solely thanks to the few pieces of pots they left. Therefore, you can say terracotta represents the future.” So FFF2002 throws itself into the future under the good star that guides it along the way of mixing different media, contaminating different styles, bottom down, from educated to popular.

Pablo Echaurren (1951, Rome) since 1972 has been exhibiting his work in many Italian and International galleries and museums such as Galleria Schwarz (Basel), Marian Locks Gallery (Philadelphia), Galerie Springer (Berlin), Galleria La Margherita (Rome), Lens Fine Art (Anversa), Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Rome), Galleria Corraini (Mantova).

“Who knows whether our star, decorated with figures, will manage to travel in time, to ride the waves of time and space, to surf over the billow of envious centuries, which are reluctant to let out information on the remote past that one day may be ours, quien sabe?”

Pablo Echaurren