France triumphs at the Future Film Festival 2021

22 February 2022

France triumphs at the Future Film Festival 2021
Here are the winners of the 21st edition


First prize: MY SUNNY MAAD by Michela Plavatova (Czech Republic, France, Slovakia)

Second prize (ex-aequo): SNOTTY BOY by Santiago López Jover, Marcus H. Rosenmüller (Germany, Austria)

Second prize (ex-aequo): THE CROSSING by Florence Miailhle (France)


First Prize: WHAT RESONATES IN SILENCE by Marine Blin (France)

Second prize: ÉCORCE by Samuel Patthey and Silvain Monney (France)

Special Mention: MOM by Kajika Aki Ferrazzini (France)


Strands of Mind by Adrian Meyer (Germany)


SKYUP ACADEMY Digital Art School (Montebelluna – Treviso, IT)

The numbers of the XXI edition: 2 CITIES, 7 DAYS, 47 SHOWS, 61 SPEAKERS, 11 PANELS

This year, the festival’s theme was Split Screen, with a special tribute to KON SATOSHI and GEORGE PAL. It dealt not only with the big screen but also with augmented and virtual reality, gamification and yesterday’s and today’s small screen, with Italian premieres and international guests.

Artistic Director: Giulietta Fara

December 1-2: MODENA – Open workshop / December 8-12: BOLOGNA – DumBo, Cineteca, DMS, Das

France triumphs at the Future Film Festival 2021. At the ceremony held on the night of the 12th of December at Cineteca di Bologna, the jury, made up of Marco Bellano (University of Padua), Raul Garcia (Animation Department of The Simpsons) and Roy Menarini (University of Bologna), awarded the feature film section as follows: (1) MY SUNNY MAAD by Michela Plavatova (Czech Republic, France, Slovakia), (2 ex-aequo) SNOTTY BOY by Santiago López Jover, Marcus H. Rosenmüller (Germany, Austria) and (2 ex-aequo) THE CROSSING by Florence Miailhle (France). Meanwhile, in the short film section the outcome is: (1) WHAT RESONATES IN SILENCE by Marine Blin (France), (2) ÉCORCE by Samuel Patthey and Silvain Monney (France), and Kajika Aki Ferrazzini ‘s MOM (France) got a special mention.

The winner of the ARVR Contest, dedicated to screenings with augmented and virtual reality headsets, was Adrian Meyer’s “Strands of Mind” (Germany, 2021), while SkyUp Academy from Montebelluna (Treviso, IT) won the AVFX Student Award, a prize for the best work by an Italian VFX school, with “The Child”.

2 cities, 7 days, 47 screenings, 61 speakers, 11 panels. These are the numbers of the 21st edition of the event organized by Doc Servizi and its Doc Games, Comics & Cartoons group, where experts of new technologies and new media come together under the artistic direction of Giulietta Fara, in collaboration with the association “Amici del Future Film Festival”. Animation-related screenings and content were at the heart of these couple of days in Modena and Bologna: feature films and shorts in competition, AR / VR works, “new frontiers”, but also augmented and virtual reality workshops with gamification experts and other professionals.

“We are very satisfied with the outcome. It was a real challenge to start again after a two-year break, in the middle of a pandemic, when rules have just changed – says Giulia Fara, the artistic director. “The jury, the audience, the people involved in one way or another and all the guests have shown us that we are heading in the right direction. Visual effects, animation, vfx and gaming were at their best, demonstrating an unbelievable vitality.”

The festival paid tribute to director Satoshi Kon with the screening of the documentary “Satoshi Kon, The Illusionist” by Pascal-Alex Vincent, that premiered at the last Cannes Film Festival, and to George Pal, presenting his restored Puppetoon movies curated by Arnold Leibovitz. There were several Italian premieres, including the making-of of Zerocalcare’s series “Tear Along the Dotted Line” and “The Deer King” by Masashi Ando and Naohoko Ueashi, the new fantasy film by Production I.G, distributed in Italian cinemas by Koch Media.

The 2021 edition of the festival had another special focus. Piano Terra || Ground Floor, a cycle of three screenings, was dedicated to animated films that denounce land consumption, polluted oceans, mankind’s lack of respect for the environment and its flora and fauna: Frédéric Back’s The Man Who Planted Trees (L’homme qui plantait des arbres) (Canada, 1987), Martin Rosen’s Watership Down (UK, USA, Canada, 1978) and Hayao Miyazaki’s Future Boy Conan (Japan, 1978) marathon.


Future Film Festival’s mission is to discover new cinema and to explore new frontiers in technologies, gaming, virtual and augmented reality, while supporting Italian creativity and enhancing Emilia-Romagna’s rich experience in an international context through targeted actions designed in collaboration with entrepreneurs and experts.

The festival is supported by the Emilia-Romagna region, the Emilia-Romagna Film Commission, the City of Bologna, the City of Modena, the Monte di Bologna e Ravenna Foundation, the Unipolis Foundation, with the support of Cineteca di Bologna, Clust-Er Create, The Research Center for Interaction with Cultural and Creative industries, Laboratorio Aperto of Modena, DumBo, Cineca, Visit Lab, Legacoop Bologna, Legacooop Estense, CNA Emilia Romagna. Mediapartners: Radio Rai 3,, Taxidrivers.