The art piece for the Future Film Festival 2022 at Palazzo Donà dalle Rose

1 September 2022

The bond between the Future Film Festival and Venice strengthens: the prestigious venue of the historic seventeenth-century palace Donà dalle Rose at the Fondamenta Nuove, home of the homonymous Foundation, will host the project created by Théo Garnot (The.Ogarno), a brilliant French artist, known for his “infinite drawings”.

A context of great culture and prestige which connects the 59th Venice International Art Exhibition (the Palace houses the San Marino pavilion), the 79th Venice International Film Festival and the Campiello literary prize.

“We are really proud to be welcomed in the magical Venetian setting and to inaugurate this collaboration with an institution of such high cultural profile” says Roberto Calari, operational director of the Future Film Festival. “We have planted a seed that will grow and will further connect our cities (Bologna and Modena, headquarters of the FFF) to Venice. We will have the honour of hosting the Donà Dalle Rose Foundation as a guest of our event, which will present some works by the artist Rosa Mundi, selected for the occasion and which will start on September 21. This collaboration will then be extended to another important partner of the Festival, BOOMing Contemporary Art Show, the contemporary art fair that takes place in Bologna during the Art Week”.

“The project by Théo Garnot (The.Ogarno) resonates with the fervour and cultural dynamism of Palazzo Donà dalle Rose, which shows, in addition to the collections, the exhibition «FACELESS», featuring the “faceless” artists Banksy and Rosa Mundi. During the International Film Festival, The Donà delle Rose Foundation also hosts Human Posology, a series of conferences coordinated by Stefano Bonaga. The main guests will be the writers Elena Stancanelli, finalist at the Campiello Prize, and Emanuele Trevi, winner of the 2021 Strega Prize”, explains the architect Gian Camillo Custoza, curator of the collections of the Donà dalle Rose Foundation.

This is the first act of the collaboration between Future Film Festival, Fondazione Donà dalle Rose and Booming Contemporary Art Show: three cultural excellences that have a common root of values, strongly anchored to the languages of contemporary times. The fences between art and technology fall down, and the power of creativity emerges, seen both as a social element, the basis of human community, and as a bet on the future.