Artists of Festival

Domestic fight: continue? (burning babe) by Marina Bolmini

6 May 2022

A modern-day Dying Gaul in female version. A fighter from a beat ‘em up video-game slumped over her grandmother’s doily. A manga character’s ceramic statuette version.

Marina Bolmini’s work for FFF 2003 mixes violent contradictions, bringing together a modern videogame heroine with the lace ornaments typical of a retro living room.

Marina Bolmini (1970, Vasto) has exhibited her works in recent years at the Quadreria Cesarini/WhiteCubeProject in Fossombrone in 2008, at the Het Houde Raadhuis gallery in Hoffdorp (Holland) in 2007, at Girondini Arte Contemporanea in Verona in 2002 and in numerous group exhibitions.

“Passing from the coldness of technology to the warmth of the manual skill of an archaic artistic technique: indestructible heroes without stain and without fear transformed into majolica, fragile living room simulacra that remind you every day how much life includes the possibility of failure. You can lose.”

Marina Bolmini