Artists of Festival

Orfismo Volante Non Intenzionale 5 by UFO5

6 May 2022

UFO5, a young Italian graffiti writer, is the artist entrusted with the image of Future Film Festival in 2010. Ufo 5 created the work called O.V.N.I 5 (Unintentional Flying Orphism), as the iconic wallpainting of the festival. With the symbols and signs of his characteristic language, UFO5 interprets the changing identity of the Future Film Festival.

Bio: Matteo Capobianco, aka Ufocinque, is a young artist from Novara who is already well established in the European street-art scene with numerous collaborations, exhibitions and interventions in abandoned spaces.

Ufocinque emphasises the simplicity of signs through two-dimensional drawings using flat lines and fields. The techniques used are all valid, starting from a design approach that binds the sign to the form/function to create a message that wants to reach everyone, while keeping open various levels of interpretation.