Artists of Festival

Small Green Foot by Laurina Paperina

6 May 2022

For its ninth edition, Future Film Festival asked Laurina Paperina, a young artist who became famous for a series of works where her bare and colourful language flirts with the childish naivety of the amateur, but does so on the basis of a refined technical skill.

The symbol of FFF 2007 is a green polka-dotted foot with red nail polish, probably belonging to a mischievous little monster.

Laurina Paperina (Rovereto, 1980) has recently exhibited in the following galleries: Lincart Gallery, San Francisco; Travesia Cuatro Gallery, Madrid; Galerie Magda Danysz, Paris; Siemens ArtLab / Galerie Ernst Hilger, Vienna; Perugi artecontemporanea, Padova; Freight + Volume Gallery, New York City; Erdmann Contemporary Gallery, Cape Town.

“Arto Contemporaneo comes to life from Laurina’s comic strip and lands in Bologna to make a little green trip to contemporary art (…)”

Guido Bartorelli