Artists of Festival

Unidentified Flying Picture by Antonio Riello

6 May 2022

A curious flying object lands at the Future Film Festival 2005: a U.F.O. with retro features, entirely decorated with works taken from Tiepolo’s famous paintings.

This amusing work was made by Antonio Riello, an artist who likes to stimulate the public with art that encourages discussion and raises awareness.

Antonio Riello (Marostica, 1958) has exhibited his works and installations in numerous museums and art galleries such as: Baltic, Gateshead/NewCastle UK; NGBK, Berlin; Mart, Rovereto; Musee d’Art, Saint Etienne; Kunsthalle , Vienna; Fondazione Pomodoro, Milan; PAC, Milan; Palazzo Delle Papesse, Siena; Neue Galerie, Graz; Chelsea Museum Of Art, New York USA; Elgiz Museum, Istanbul.

“I am one of those who like to think that reality is just one of the many extravagances of science fiction.” –

Antonio Riello